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Born in Los Angeles, California, Jeanette Crooks is an artist residing in the Pacific Northwest for the past 35 years. She found her interest in art as a youth during the early 1980's in high school. It was here that she established her foundation for art & painting. After graduating high school, she went right into the work force, only dabbling in painting over the next 25 years. With life's twists and turns, keeping her focus on her family of 5 children, there was little time to create. 

 She started her own business in 2009, selling antiques and repurposing, which led her to start creating assemblage art with doll parts. She rediscovered her love for arts and crafts at this time and Crooksy Creations was born in 2013. Her paintings and assemblage art are all under one umbrella. She has been a freelance artist now for over 10 years, relying on her watercolor paintings and assemblage art to keep her clients coming back for more! 

The desire to keep reinventing her craft keeps her work fresh and unique. Her assemblage art consists of mostly found objects, discarded broken items, doll heads and anything most people would consider junk. She is an avid recycler and doesn’t throw anything away that could be a potential ingredient in her art!

 Her favorite subjects to paint include animals, landscapes, flowers and seascapes and she is influenced by the natural elements of the beautiful PNW! Jeanette also enjoys painting in plein air while traveling or hiking.

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Assemblage Art Sculpture

Jeanette creates 3D assemblage sculptures from recycled materials, found objects, and antique doll heads. She has delighted collectors of her work for more than 10 years. Her work is sold locally at 2 brick and mortar stores in Washington state. Grand Leader Mercantile in Everett and Red Sky Gallery in Lake Forest Park. 

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Plein air painting in Utah

"The things we know the best are the things we haven't been taught"

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You can purchase Jeanette's art in person at The Grand Leader Mercantile in Everett, Washington. If you would like to consult Jeanette Crooks about your own project please fill out your contact information below.

Bothell, WA, USA

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